Support for people who have housing concerns

Housing Navigator

The Housing Navigator supports Blood Ties clients in identifying their goals for future housing, employment and independence. 

The Housing Navigator is available to support:

  • Residents of the Steve Cardiff House
  • Clients in the LWEH (Landlords Working to End Homelessness) program
  • Clients moving into or establishing independent accommodation
  • Clients moving out of incarceration or alcohol/drug treatment facilities or programs
  • Clients whose accommodation arrangements may be at risk of breaking down or clients who are homeless or precariously housed

Tenant Wisdom Courses

The Tenant Wisdom Course is an opportunity for Blood Ties‘ clients to learn about finding accommodation, negotiating with landlords, their rights and responsibilities as tenants, and more. 

The course focuses on landlord and tenant relationships, problem solving, conflict resolution, and communication skills. It also teaches basic life skills necessary for finding and maintaining adequate housing. 

Blood Ties offers the course one to two times annually.

Landlords Working To End Homelessness (LWEH)

The goal of the LWEH program is to find adequate, appropriate, and safe longstanding housing for clients who are on the cusp of being self-sufficient. 

To reduce the barriers for both the client and the landlord, it is Blood Ties that signs the lease with the landlord.  

LWEH is designed for Blood Ties clients who are able to live independently in a healthy way, but who encounter social obstacles when they seek housing.

For more information
Outreach Worker - Housing and Harm Reduction

Resource Guides

Important info and handy tips for finding a home and keeping it 

Finding home

Finding a place to rent in Whitehorse is easier if you know where to look and how to communicate with landlords. Use this guide to find the resources to help you get into a place to call home.

Tenant Survival Guide

Being a tenant is less frustrating when you know your rights and responsibilities as a renter, and where to find help if you need it. Use this guide to help you find your way as a tenant and learn where to go for help.

Tips for Interviewing Landlords Guide

Before you pick up the phone to call a potential landlord, write down what you are going to say. Use the examples in this guide to prepare yourself for the conversation

One tiny house that became a big success

Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community

The Steve Cardiff Tiny Home Community provides supported case-management housing to people living with addictions, complex health challenges, and histories of homelessness.  

It began as the Steve Cardiff House, one tiny home on a borrowed piece of an undeveloped lot. Today five homes, each with 240 square feet of living space, are nestled together at Jarvis Street and 6th Avenue in Whitehorse. 

These tiny homes offer multiple benefits. They have room for one person to live comfortably while avoiding couch surfers, partying, and similar situations that are challenging for people with poor boundaries. They also allow clients to live independently and are affordable to maintain.  

Blood Ties supports a very “hard to house” population. Our clients experience discrimination in the housing market and tend to be easily displaced from housing. The Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community provides affordable supported housing for at-risk clients in urgent need.